In re Paul

Ron Paul, I don’t even know what to say, except I completely sympathize with his struggle to get his freaking elected delegates seated at the convention. That old doc has chutzpah the size of grapefruits if he is serious about endorsing the Libertarian, but that is a different issue. I want to talk about my attempted recruitment into the new-Libertarian movement of Paul and Johnson.

First of all, I want to say that I almost completely agree with Ron Paul on about a third of the issues, specifically civil liberties. I think, with the exception of Abortion, Paul is more liberal than Obama on social issues. I felt betrayed when Obama renewed the Patriot Act and refused to write an executive order closing Guantanamo Bay. Paul’s pro-life record mucks up some things, but it would be easier to associate with the other member of the movement, the Libertarian nominee, former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico. Johnson is pro-choice and was for gay marriage before Obama was. In all these ways, with the addition of some foreign policy initiatives relating to peace, Paul seems like a feasible choice. However, I cannot get past the economic reactionaryism that he advocates, and his want to drastically shrink the size of the Government. Although, I do have to give him props for being the only “shrink the Gov” Republican who ACTUALLY HAS A PLAN.

I see a lot of my friends become Paul disciples, and some of them (shout out to you Jean-Luc) actually are full believers in the manifesto, but some are just disgruntled Democrats who want to support someone opposed to the Patriot Act. I think the Democratic Party would stand to gain them if they took a step to the left on civil liberties.

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