Thoughts on the Senate race

In late July, Texas Democratic voters selected former State Representative Paul Sadler to run against the Republican for the US Senate. Most people expected Dew, but Ted Cruz somehow won it. Don’t even ask me how. Now, I fear that the Democrats may be squandering an unbelievably good opportunity for a statewide victory. Let me explain:

First of all, I want to say that I like Sadler. To quote a very wise man from the state convention, “All too often our Democrats [in Texas] are just soft Republicans”. Sadler is not a soft Republican, he has solutions and doesn’t run away from things like supporting gay marriage (cough, cough Mayor White). However, like any statewide Democratic candidate, Sadler is woefully underfunded. It is my understanding that he can only afford one campaign office. Given this, it truly disappointed me that he chose Austin as that one location. This austin-centrism of Tex Dems is the whole reason I started my original blog in the first place. It is ridiculous and it is not a winning strategy. Travis County will go blue, everyone knows that. So will Dallas. Harris County is a bit more of a tossup, but we have a very competent County Leader in Lane Lewis so I don’t feel to bad. The true epicenter of Sadler’s (and other’s) campaigns should be San Antonio.

San Antonio and Bexar County are both over 60% Latino, but Bexar county is still red in many ways. Solidifying the county would be HUGE momentum for the state Democrats. Further, San Antonio is the gateway to the valley, and once everything south of San Antonio can become blue, the state can become blue. This is what makes Julian Castro so appealing for a statewide run. Surely, if he runs, his base would be in San Antonio. 

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