Our good ole incompetent friends at METRO are at it again. First the rail lines were going to be completed in 2012, then 2015, now they want to push the projects back to 2025. There will be a question posed before voters this November on the issue. METRO, Parker, and the Chronicle have all endorsed this measure which would free up METRO to raise the money to try it again in a decade.

Here’s the deal: METRO has already had its chance and it royally screwed up. It squandered over $70 million on traffic studies, lawyers, and advertisements. And I see no good reason that it won’t do the exact same thing again. I will surely be voting NO this November. For that matter, I think that the Feds need to just come in and build this damn thing themselves. You always here about Washington being wasteful and inefficient, but come on METRO, you are giving the Carter Administration a run for its money.


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