President Biden

The Burnt Orange Report is running on a story, mainly about the prospect of a President Castro, that hinges upon the Vice President’s campaign to be commander in chief in 2016. That is absolutely ludicrous.

The most popular criticism of this statement is that “Biden is not presidential enough” or other possible follies with his style and/or history. Personally, I think that Joe Biden would make a great president, but it is a moot issue because of one simple issue: his age.

Biden would be 74 in early 2016, a full four years older than Ronald Reagan was in 1981. That would mean in the event of his re-election, he would leave office well into his eighties. That would simply be an unsustainable age for such a high stress job. Clinton, on the other hand, would still be in sixties, and therefore by younger than Reagan upon taking the helms. The five years truly make a difference, especially because Biden already has quite a reputation to gaffes or slips of the tongue sometimes associated with advanced age. A Biden Presidency would be dominated by his detractors lambasting his competency and would result in very little progress. Unfortunately, Biden was just born in the wrong decade to sit at the resolute desk.


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