In re Green

Hot off the press from the Chronicle, it has been reported that Dwayne Jordon, the sunnyside con-man with a friend at City Hall, has been sentenced to 30 years for his latest spree of fraud.

Jordon has come to more prominence recently as he has many connections to Controller & Judge Green (Ronald and Hilary). Green had been in business with him, represented him briefly as his attorney, and made a big deal out of requesting clemency to Jordan. The Chron article mentions people scammed by Jordan berating the Controller for his involvement in this clusterfoxtrot.

I had always predicted that Controller Green had mayoral ambitions, and I don’t especially doubt that this scandal has killed them, but they may have killed his ability to win. The other candidates rumored for 2015, Bradford and S. Garcia to be exact, have mostly spotless records, so any blunder on the part of Green would be a disaster, since his politics are virtually identical to his opponents’.

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