Social Media in “E”

Elizabeth Perez, candidate for the District E special election in November, now has a website. (Linked here)

Perez lists a number of endorsements from “elected officials”, but they all seem to be from municipal officeholders outside of the city, including La Porte, Deer Park, and Highland Village. I find this quite odd, it seems to be if someone in my old neighborhood touted their support from the Mayor of Bellaire, it would be a negative (Perhaps that’s just my bias against racist cops). It seems somewhat weak compared with Martin’s support from the incumbent Councilmember, who still seems popular. However, Perez is also playing off of two other angles: national conservatism, and the Clear Lake lobby. I seemed to be mistaken earlier, as it seems that Perez does actually live on the southern side of the district. She is using this to her advantage by also bringing up the whole NASA issue. Additionally, she is playing off of tea party anger and national tidings, listing we small business owner supports as “‘I built this business’ supporters”. Perez’s website, coupled with her comprehensive Facebook page, shows her putting the most energy into social media. Martin’s website is still a basic stub, and thanks to comments from Allsbrooks himself on this blog, we know he is simply going to use his facebook page in lieu of a website.

For the record, I endorse Dave Martin. I will assume that we have some stark differences politically, just as I do with Councilmember Sullivan. But I have a tremendous professional respect for Councilmember Sullivan, and given the conservative leanings of all the candidates, I am inclined to support Sullivan’s endorsement.

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