Endorsements: Hampton et al

For all non-Harris County Judicial elections, I recommend a straight-ticket Democratic slate. What the Republicans have done to our legal system in Texas is a travesty. I have not seen in months but one criminal case that the 1st or 14th Courts of Appeals have reversed and remanded–that is despicable. The appeals courts in our states will side not 99% of the time, but 100% of the time with the State and Corporations.

Perhaps, the worst of the worst, is Chief Justice Sharon “Killer” Keller of the Court of Criminal Appeals. Keller famously closed the doors to justice early, resulting in the unneeded execution of an inmate. Keller was also fined by the Judicial conduct board, and is being investigated for further corruption. That is why I am pleased to endorse her Democratic opponent, Keith Hampton. Hampton is the best chance for a Statewide Democrat this year, and, besides Obama, is the only candidate I have actually donated to.

Anyways, I will start talking about non-Judicial County endorsements next.

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