In re Marquez

The El Paso Times reported last night that the EPCDP had taken the action to banish State Reps Marisa Marquez and Naomi Gonzalez from the county party after supporting a Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives.

The incident involved State Representative Dee Margo, a Republican fighting a tough fight this November against  Democrat Joe Moody. Margo distributed fliers about a week ago that touted kind words from the women, though the statements stopped short of an explicit endorsement.

Last night, the El Paso County Democratic Party took the unusual action to expel Marquez and Gonzalez from the organization. This will technically not affect their standing as State Democrats. Additionally, Chairman Giberto Hinojosa had some very strong words for the lawmakers. “An absolute aberration”, keeping in tune with the County’s words upon putting the integrity of the State Party in jeopardy.

For my part, I would like to defend these State Representatives. This is not Israel, this is not the United Kingdom, this is the United States of America. Our elections are about people, not parties. This is why we have Primary elections, so people, not party bosses, select the candidates. For pete’s sake, they did not even endorse the candidate, just complimented another member of their delegation!!!

This reminds me of the Republican congressman defeated in primaries by the Tea Party after not identifying President Obama with socialism or terrorism. There is something called common decency. Now, were the actions of Marquez and Gonzalez dumb? Absolutely. But should they warrant expulsion from the party? Absolutely not. That is not, nor should it ever, be what the Democratic Party should stand for.

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