Perry on Koutze

Perry on Koutze

Governor Perry recently skyped with the Koutze County cheerleaders, where he quoted the Bible to defend their religious signs, equating their struggle to the disciples of the New Testament.

BOR makes a point of juxtaposing this with the recent memory of the Governor calling on “Christian warriors” to fight Obama and Satan attempting to limit religion in the public square.

The rallying cry has now been the sign you see above, “If u [sic] don’t like it, leave! Cause we believe.” This seems to be the first defense of the neocon when trying to support dangerous nationalism or what not.

However, that is not what this country is about. Freedom of religion means freedom FROM religion, which means the Government may not do anything to support one religion over another or religion over lack thereof. Governor Perry and his friends seem to discuss the atheists and the ACLU “imposing” their wills upon America, but this is simply not true. In a secular country, people can still pray individually and do as much public expression of religion in the private sphere.

It is the theocrats who wish to “impose” their will upon America. I’ll level with y’all, I’m not an atheist. But I get quite uncomfortable when religion is discussed in a group setting, and it always angers me if that is a Government setting.

So, my parting words, to the ladies of the Koutze High School Cheerleading Team and their advocates within Government: if you don’t like the system we have here–a separation of the church and the state–YOU can leave. You all can move to a true theocracy, like Iran!

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