Ben Hall for Mayor

The Chronicle is running a story about how Hall is in for the 2013 Mayoral race by saying he is a “definite maybe”. For some reason all that makes me think of is that asinine song (I have been spending too much time with the people my age again), but I do have some serious thoughts:

1. The honeymoon of the GLBT and African-Americans is over. Some, including myself, had mused the idea that these two groups could get aside their differences now that President Obama and the NAACP have endorsed same sex marriage. Evidently, not. 2013 might prove to be a very hard year, especially if a Republican hops in.

2.That Republican will most likely be Bill King. Having a Republican as mayor is the one thing this city desperately does not need.

3. Screw you, Mr. Hall, for ruining my post-election vacation. I guess there truly is no rest for the wicked. I was planning on writing some stuff on the elections in hindsight for today, but 2013 was already come to steal my thunder.

Hall said it was “more likely than not” that he would run. I think Parker is not in a Whitmire situation, and actually would be the favorite in a ’13 election featuring Hall, King, and herself. Parker has a pretty pro-business track record, could garner a lot of support among the Latino population, and is more than willing to play dirty and call King a carpetbagger (which as far as I’m concerned he is; I have no respect for someone who tries to be Mayor of two different cities). I have already preemptively endorsed Parker, and such will not backpedal my support for her, even though, in an open election, I probably would have supported Ben Hall.

2 thoughts on “Ben Hall for Mayor

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