Green draws a challenger…maybe

I pride myself for keeping up on the news and rarely missing a story, but I goofed up and totally overlooked this one from the Chronicle.

Don Sumners, the (as of January 1st) former Tax Collector and former County Treasurer, is musing a run for City Controller. Ronald Green, first elected in 2009, ran unopposed in 2011.

Sumners is very, very Republican, enough that I would almost go so far as to call him unelectable in Houston. Houston, unlike Harris County, does not include all those predominantly White suburbs, so it does not swing from left to right, not even a little bit. Also, Ronald Green is a master campaigner. In 2009, before the runoff, he got 36% of the vote against two other Republicans. He then translated that into 53% in the runoff. Also, Sumners is not especially a well like politician by either party.

One thought on “Green draws a challenger…maybe

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