The “other” 2013 election

Carol Alvarado will face off against Sylvia Garcia in the race to succeed the late Sen. Gallegos.

National news hopped onto this affair, mentioning that the Gallegos family will be supporting Alvarado. The Chronicle article which mentions Garcia’s candidacy also mentions that Rick Noriega is considering throwing his hat into the ring. Meanwhile, each side is touting some of its endorsements, with Garcia picking up State Reps such as Jessica Farrar and Garnet Coleman, and Alvarado picking up Sen. Ellis, Mayor White, and Ronald Green. This will be a fun primary.

UPDATE: The Chronicle says this might happen in December, but I still suspect it will occur in 2013.

Ben Hall for Mayor

The Chronicle is running a story about how Hall is in for the 2013 Mayoral race by saying he is a “definite maybe”. For some reason all that makes me think of is that asinine song (I have been spending too much time with the people my age again), but I do have some serious thoughts:

1. The honeymoon of the GLBT and African-Americans is over. Some, including myself, had mused the idea that these two groups could get aside their differences now that President Obama and the NAACP have endorsed same sex marriage. Evidently, not. 2013 might prove to be a very hard year, especially if a Republican hops in.

2.That Republican will most likely be Bill King. Having a Republican as mayor is the one thing this city desperately does not need.

3. Screw you, Mr. Hall, for ruining my post-election vacation. I guess there truly is no rest for the wicked. I was planning on writing some stuff on the elections in hindsight for today, but 2013 was already come to steal my thunder.

Hall said it was “more likely than not” that he would run. I think Parker is not in a Whitmire situation, and actually would be the favorite in a ’13 election featuring Hall, King, and herself. Parker has a pretty pro-business track record, could garner a lot of support among the Latino population, and is more than willing to play dirty and call King a carpetbagger (which as far as I’m concerned he is; I have no respect for someone who tries to be Mayor of two different cities). I have already preemptively endorsed Parker, and such will not backpedal my support for her, even though, in an open election, I probably would have supported Ben Hall.

Musings on the election

First up, Congrats to President Obama! Four more years! The President won Harris County by a few hundreds votes. Democrats expand their majority in the Senate to 55 and lessen the Republican majority in the House. All fantastic news.

Republicans keep the Railroad Commission and the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals–no surprise there. However, Keith Hampton got clobbered, which is upsetting.

Courts of Appeals
1st and 14th stay all Republican, which is not surprising.

State Senate
Wendy Davis got re-elected. The composition stays at 19-12. Mario Gallegos re-elected posthumously, which means we will see a special election.

State House
Democrats pick up six or seven seats. Composition is at 95-55. Ann Johnson was defeated, again disappointing.

County Judges
11th–Mike Miller (D) re-elected.
61st–Al Bennett (D) re-elected.
80th–Larry Weiman (D) re-elected.
125th–Kyle Carter (D) re-elected.
127th–R.K. Sandhill (D) re-elected.
129th–Michael Gomez (D) re-elected.
133rd–Jaclanel McFarland (D) re-elected.
151st–Mike Engelhart (D) re-elected.
152nd–Robert Schaffer (D) re-elected.
164th–Alexandra Smoots-Hogan (D) re-elected.
165th–Josephina Rendon (D) defeated by Elizabeth Ray (R).
174th–Ruben Guerrero (D) re-elected.
176th–Shawna Reagin (D) defeated by Stacey Bond (R).
177th–Ryan Patrick (R) re-elected.
178th–David Mendoza (D) re-elected.
179th–Randy Roll (D) defeated by Kristin Guiney (R).
215th–Elaine Palmer (D) elected. Damn.
333rd–Tad Halbach (R) re-elected.
334th–Ken Wise (R) re-elected.
337th–Herb Richie (D) defeated by Renee Magee (R). Again, damn.
338th–Hazel Jones (D) defeated by Brock Thomas (R).
339th–Maria Jackson (D) re-elected.
351st–Mark Ellis (R) re-elected.
County Court 1–Debra Mayfield (R) re-elected.
County Court 2–Theresa Chang (R) re-elected.

Of the nineteen Democratic Judges: 14 win re-election and 5 lose.
Of the six Republican Judges: 6 win re-election.
Final Tally: 14 Demorats, 11 Republicans.

County Officials
DA–Mike Anderson (R) wins. No surprise.
Sheriff–Adrian Garcia (D) re-elected. Again, no surprise.
County Attorney–Vince Ryan (D) re-elected. Great News!
Tax Collector–Mike Sullivan (R) wins. However, it is close and Bennett hasn’t conceded yet.

METRO Prop passed, City props passed, and all the Bond measures passed.

City Council
Martin wins without a runoff.

Discussion comes later.

Tomorrow night

I am going to attempt to livestream on youtube my thoughts during the election returns. I will be giving live updates on the Presidential election, Senate elections, House elections, Texas legislature elections, and Harris County elections until they stop counting for the night. Look for me under either “Noah Horwitz” or “Texpatriate”.

I apologize for the lack of activity recently. I have been engrossed within the Presidential election but could not bring myself to vote for it. It will be a long night tomorrow. But after that, I will immediately start discussing the 2013 elections.

Harris County Poll

The Chronicle is reporting on what may very well be the only Harris County poll of the election cycle. Let us look:
Barack Obama (D)–46%
Mitt Romney (R)–41%
Gary Johnson (L)–2%
Jill Stein (G)–1%

Paul Sadler (D)–44%
Ted Cruz (R)–42%

Adrian Garcia (D)–51%
Louis Guthrie (R)–32%
Remington Alessi (G)–2%

District Attorney
Mike Anderson (R)–41%
Lloyd Oliver (D)–36%

This is a pretty useless poll because it does not accurate state how much influence those who vote for the President will have upon downballot races. Obviously, the top two spots will  be won by the Democrat, but it gets a little tricky down the ballot. The Sheriff and District Attorney elections are the two elections that are infamous this cycle for split-ticket voting, so they tell us absolutely nothing about how the other countywide elections, or judicial elections, will go.

A poll on the County Attorney race, which does not look feasible at this time, would give us exponentially more data to work with.