Speaker’s race shakeup

Bryan Hughes, the Mineola Rep who was leading the valiant charge against Speaker Straus has dropped out of the running. In his place ha some David Simpson, a Vanderbilt-educated State Rep from the Lubbock area. The Chronicle has the story.

Simpson, it seems to me, is one of those “we need a Christian Conservative” people. His press release included a plethora of references to prayer, consulting with the divine, and God, and his website includes a Statement of Faith, whatever that is.

To me, whenever a politician brings up religion like this in a populist manner, it makes me a little nervous. Indeed, though I am always resistant to use the religion card, it seems to me that there is not another good reason for the far-right’s hatred of Speaker Straus. Yes, he doesn’t openly advocate hating Democrats, but he has brought up (and passed) some pretty extreme, controversial legislation, including Voter IDs. You sure didn’t see that happening when Craddick was in charge.

Noriega to NOT run

There are a few circumstances that have severely mitigated how well and time-sensitive I have been writing recently. Between Hanukkah and Final Exams, I do not have much extra time, which means I am quite late with this one, so my apologies.

Off the Kuff is reporting that Rick Noriega will not run in the special election for SD06, which has yet to be called. This announcement leaves Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado as the only remaining Democratic candidates in the heavily liberal district. Also, that “poll” that Councilmember Rodriguez was talking about, I could never find it, though I heard it was released by Bob Stein at Rice, who tends to be somewhat accurate.

There’s polling, maybe

Councilmember James Rodriguez posted something on his personal facebook not too long ago

Latest poll in SD 6 race: Alvarado 42% Garcia 34%. Way 2 go Carol

So, in addition to being able to put Rodriguez firmly in the Alvarado column, it raises the suspicion that there is actually a poll out there. Comments on his status asking for a link have not been responded to as of now. I will probably just update this page when I have more info.

Hilmar Moore, 1920-2012

Hilmar G. Moore, perhaps the longest serving public official in American history, died today at the age of 92. Moore had been the Mayor of Richmond, TX for 63 years, roughly my father’s entire lifespan (THAT is a long time!). Moore came from a Fort Bend area political family. His grandfather, John Moore Sr, was a State Representative, Congressman, and the Texas Secretary of State, while his father, John Moore Jr, was a Fort Bend Judge, and also a Mayor of Richmond.

Hilmar Moore took office in Richmond in 1949, and was re-elected over thirty times. In that time, the city has gone from 2,000 residents and being considered “in the country”, to a 12,000 person suburb of the burgeoning Houston metropolis. Even though city elections are non-partisan, it is pretty obvious that Moore was a Democrat (a Republican in rural Texas in 1949?). Also, a cursory google search shows myriad campaign donations to Lampsons and Clintons over the years.

A Chronicle article lists the praise the late Mayor received from all over the state, and mentions Ford Bend flags will be flown at half-staff. The Mayor Pro Tem of Richmond, Bill Dostal, will serve as acting Mayor until further notice. Mayor Moore was a staple of accountable government through the years, may he rest in peace.


Just for laughs, I have compiled a list of things that have changed throughout the country since Richmond had another mayor.
President–Harry Truman
Governor–Allan Shivers
Mayor of Houston–Oscar Holcombe
World Series–New York Yankees defeat Brooklyn Dodgers
NBA Champions–Minneapolis Lakers
Football Champions  (there was no Superbowl)–Philadelphia Eagles defeat Los Angeles Rams
Cost of a stamp–3 cents
Cost of a gallon of gasoline–27 cents
$100.00 equivalent–10 dollars, 29 cents

Jack Brooks, 1922-2012

Jack Brooks, the former Beaumont-area congressman, passed away yesterday at the age of 89. The New York Times presented quite an obituary for the late politician. First being elected to the Texas House in 1948, he served for two terms before being elected to the US House of Representatives in 1952. He served for forty-two years, twenty-one terms in all, before being defeated for re-election in the 1994 sweep by Steve Stockman, the former one-term Congressman who was just sent back this year.

Brooks was one of the most liberal members of a southern delegation, a big protege of other Texas liberals like Sam Rayburn, Lyndon Johnson, and Ralph Yarborough. A big supporter of the Civil Rights Act and Great Society/New Frontier legislation, he was also present in the motorcade when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Brooks was given universal praise today after word of his death came out, from both sides of the political aisle. He was one of the good ones and he will be missed.

Brown vs Brown

This was in the news a few days ago, and I thought it was not very noteworthy, but since the news has been so slow, I’m going to cover it.

The Chronicle ran a story about Helena Brown. Yeah, she’s still in the news. She was in the news a few weeks ago for using city money for “magnets” that constituted re-election advertisements (embezzlement?).   Anyways, Brown has re-payed  the City of Houston for these expenditures. $3000.00 to be exact, that is. When asked for comment, City Attorney David Feldman, has a very smart explanation where states he will not be “antagonistic” towards Brown, but insinuated that she is certainly guilty of an infraction. All I can say is that it doesn’t surprise me that the self-proclaimed  “most fiscally conservative” Councilmember wastes money like this.

Also, the other Councilmember Brown, Peter, is in the news again. Now the head of “Better Houston”, he has put out a youtube video about the need for more projects vis-a-vis pedestrian walkways. The video, found here, labels Brown as “Pedestrian Pete.”

Also it is worth noting that the comments on the Chronicle article about P. Brown are mildly supportive, whereas the comments with regard to H. Brown are horribly slamming (including a few comments I would not be comfortable repeating in public). Again, I look forward to taking a bowl of popcorn and watching the 2013 District A election unfold.