In re Inaugurations

Like just about everyone else in the civilized world, I watched the inauguration of President Obama for his second term, today at noon, and then his subsequent speech. I had planned on attending the festivities in Washington with the Texas delegation, like the DNC, but because of personal conflicts was unable to attend. Still, I have quite a few thoughts on Obama’s speech.

It played out like a State of the Union. Obama laid out his plan for his second term, in excruciating detail. He wants to fix the climate, tackle gun control, reform the tax code, reform immigration, eliminate voter intimidation, and further strengthen the economy. Ambitious is an understatement.

However, I really like this new Obama–the one who sticks to his guns and relies on his principles. It was refreshing to hear the President not capitulate to a faux sense of bipartisanship. Anyways, I will have more when he starts nominating new cabinet officers.

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