Senatorial short-straw

The State Senate draw lots yesterday, to see who would have to run in 2014. Wendy Davis WILL  be running then  (this is awful, awful, awful news–but more on that later), along with, among others, Joan Huffman, Dan Patrick, Kirk Watson, and John Whitmire. Among the Senators drawn for four-year terms, was the “future officeholder in SD06.”

Patrick, Watson, & Whitmire are so safe in their re-election bids, it is a waste of breath to even talk about. The DeLay gerrymandering has left only 1 swing district in the entire chamber, for all intent and purposes.

Now, Huffman is safe too, but I would like to talk about the 2014 election in SD17 for a little while here. The sorry Harris County Democrats failed to run a SINGLE candidate against her in either 2010 or 2012. Now, unfortunately, the minimum age to run for the Texas Senate is 26, otherwise I would offer up my own candidacy in the event that no other Democrats run. Thus, I will be dedicating a portion of my time in the next year drafting a candidate to compete against Huffman. If we are actually serious about turning Texas blue, someone actually has to sign their name on the damn dotted line to run against the Republicans.

Lastly, we come to Davis. Wendy Davis, arguably, represents the only swing district in the State. She just inched by in 2012, an overall great year for Democrats. Odds are, 2014 will not be as good of a year (people don’t get off their butts and vote in midterm elections), so she faces an uphill climb towards re-election. This also throws the prospect of her running for a Statewide office up in the air. However, it may the best the course of action to go out with a bang, especially if 2014 looks bleak for Democrats as we approach it.

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