Garcia leads going into runoff

As expected, Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado advanced into a runoff for the Special Election in SD06. Garcia led, with 45% of the vote, as Alvarado followed with about 42%. The other candidates, led by Bray, gathered up a combined 13% of the vote. Something I noticed was how Garcia started very, very strong, but faded towards the end.

Direct link to election results is located here.

Garcia took in a majority in Absentee votes, and a more impressive 47% in the nearly half of voters who showed up early. However, among those who voted on election day, both candidates took in 41%, with Alvarado beating out Garcia by a few votes. However, the real headline, in my opinion, is that turnout stood at about FIVE PERCENT. That is literally sad. Off the Kuff seemed to think that more people would vote in the runoff, my two-cents is that it would be pretty hard for any fewer people to vote.

Speaking of the runoff, we still have absolutely no idea when it will take place. Kuff said something about “between now and March 16.” When you get to special election runoffs, the turnout is so low, that it is all about who just shows up to the polls. Alvarado is still very much still in play.

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