Governor Perry faces obstacles, well…maybe

Perry would lose a primary against Abbott. Unfortunately, Abbott isn’t running.

Somehow, when I wrote about the PPP poll in re Cornyn yesterday, I overlooked that there is a concurrent poll about the Governor, including the holy numbers on a GOP primary. My wishes have been granted! PPP has Bill White beating Perry in a hypothetical head-to-head, and has Castro within striking distance. Further, the mythical GOP primary poll shows Perry & Abbott virtually tied.

Full results:
Rick Perry approval rating: 41% (approve) to 54% (disapprove)
Greg Abbott approval rating: 33% (approve) to 24% (disapprove)
Should Perry run in 2014?: 31% (yes) to 62% (no)
Should Perry run in 2016?: 14% (yes) to 79% (no)

Perry vs. Someone else (in GOP primary): 41% (Perry) to 47% (someone else)
Perry vs. Abbott: 41% (Perry) to 38% (Abbott)

Perry vs. Castro: 47% (Perry) to 42% (Castro)
Perry vs. Davis: 47% (Perry) to 41% (Davis)
Perry vs. Parker: 47% (Perry) to 40% (Parker)
Perry vs. White: 44% (Perry) to 47% (White)
Abbott vs. Castro: 46% (Abbott) to 36% (Castro)
Abbott vs. Davis: 46% (Abbott) to 34% (Davis)
Abbott vs. Parker: 47% (Abbott) to 35% (Parker)
Abbott vs. White: 46% (Abbott) to 39% (White)

As the poll discussion mentions, if Abbott is the nominee, we don’t even have a contest. If Perry is the nominee, he’ll probably still win, but it might be competitive. Last night, I talked about how unfeasible it was for any of the “possible Democrats” to actually run. Anyways, there is some real news to report on this afternoon.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Governor is going around telling people Abbott won’t run against him, but nobody has actually talking to the AG about this thus far. I guess we can disregard the Abbott polls, then. Strange indeed. As I have said before, even though I am a yellow dog Democrat, I would have gladly donated money to Abbott’s primary campaign for the simple reason that he isn’t Rick Perry. It is thoroughly disappointing that Perry won’t have to be sweating in a primary this time next year.

Off the Kuff has more about the gubernatorial poll.

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