Texpatriate endorses Sylvia Garcia for SD06

It is with a heavy heart, and much contemplation, that I decide, against some of my better judgment, to weigh into this election. I vote in SD17, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight, thus I decided, at first, to stay out of the election. Before the initial election, I made no picks, and simply hoped that a Republican would not meander his way into the runoff. Well, that didn’t happen, and now, we have the ultimate runoff election on Saturday.

The two candidates, Carol Alvarado and Sylvia Garcia, are both Democrats, and most voters, counting myself at one time, thought of them as indistinguishable. Alvarado, as a State Representative and former City Councilmember, had the backing of larger proportion of the Hispanic community, including the deathbed endorsement of the late Senator Gallegos. Garcia, meanwhile, a former County Commissioner and City Controller, has the heavy support of much of the City establishment, as well as a few State Reps that must be dissatisfied with Alvarado.

Anyways, I didn’t see much in the part of differences between the candidates–that is, until today. Today, I read a startling article in BOR about Alvarado and Garcia’s donors. Naturally, I am dubious of anything coming out of an Austin blog, so I double checked. It’s legit. Alvarado’s money is coming from Bob Perry, the GOP mega-donor; Tort-reformers, and; loan sharks (aka payday lenders). Garcia’s money comes from typical Democratic sources, the Mostyns and Unions.

This reminds me of the 2008 Democratic Primaries, when Barack Obama was being underwritten by the big banks and insurance companies, but that is neither here nor there. Anyways, this, along with the fact that anti-Semite Larry Taylor is block-walking for Alvarado, is enough to turn me off from her completely.

If I lived in SD06, I would gladly vote for Garcia, to keep another elephant in donkeys’ clothing out of the Senate. It is my hope enough people agree with me.

In re Villarreal

From the San Antonio Express-News:

For Texas Democrats, the 2014 gubernatorial race looks much like last season did for the Houston Astros. They know they’re obligated to show up, but they’d just as soon skip ahead a few years until the picture gets a bit rosier.

Anyways, I thought that was funny. But the article goes on to say that Mike Villarreal is seriously contemplating running for Governor. Except I don’t really think that is true. As you may recall, BOR recently wrote something about possible gubernatorial candidates, including Villarreal. Except, as far as I could tell, they were just pontificating and guesstimating. And the Express-News doesn’t seem to have many other references besides the Austin blog. For what it’s worth, Villarreal seems to have a history of having a ginormous ego, thus, it isn’t too much of a stretch to see him pursuing higher office.

The Express-News did interview the San Antonio-area State Representative, and he reportedly stated being “tickled” by the Austin blog’s idea. But make no mistake, Villarreal got the idea from the blog, the blog didn’t get the idea from Villarreal. Villarreal went on to say that Perry “isn’t doing a respectable job,” and that “the right candidate” in 2014 could get the job done.

I’ll put him down on the election tab as a “maybe” for Governor.

Rejected Letter to the Editor, Houston Chronicle

To the Editor,

In a February 26th article, “Today’s the day: Democrats launch ‘Battleground Texas’ project to end GOP dominance,” this Newspaper forgot to inquire about one perplexity of the new project among Texas Democrats: the lack of feasible candidates for office. Indeed, even if the Texas Democratic Party receives coveted funds and organizational skills from national institutions, it will not help the state party’s dreadful inability to attract and recruit an abundance of strong candidates for statewide or otherwise higher office.

Battleground Texas does not mention any specific dates on its website for the foreseen Democratic victories at the statewide level. However, if they wish to make the 2014 statewide elections competitive, they have been woefully unsuccessful thus far in finding suitable candidates to challenge Governor Perry, among others. Other incumbents such as Greg Abbott, and political newcomers such as George P. Bush, will not be easy opponents for even a well-funded Texas Democratic Party, as long as Texas Democrats are not presenting viable alternative candidates.

Why has this Newspaper not questioned the feasibility of this project, given the current lack of Democratic candidates capable of winning elections? While it is true that state fundamentals are becoming increasingly friendly to Democrats, as we have seen in recent polling which shows Governor Perry losing in a theoretical matchup against former Democratic candidate Bill White, such gains will be squandered if poor Democratic candidates are chosen which, unfortunately, looks to be the case leading into the 2014 elections.

Thank You,

N.M. Horwitz
Boston, Massachusetts

What nobody is talking about

Let us say, arguendo, State Rep. Alvarado is elected to the Texas Senate on Saturday. Then, the question is who becomes the State Representative in the 145th District. I have not heard anyone talking about this, the Special Election that could be here by the summer, nor contributing any solid ideas to would run in this theoretical special election.

James Rodriguez seems like a possible candidate, given how strongly he has been supporting Alvarado in this election My two cents say Melissa Noriega would be a uniquely qualified candidate, seeing as that she represented the district for a term while her husband, who was the official representative at the time, was in Afghanistan. There are, however, a number of problems with that.

An election would not take place until late April at the earliest, and would be pushed to the end of May in the event of runoff, meaning that the newly elected Representative would have no time within the current legislature. Therefore, it could make some sense for a Rodriguez or Noriega to wait until the regularly scheduled 2014 election to run. The only problem is that there would already be an incumbent at that time, and incumbents are generally hard to knock off in a Democratic Primary (unless you are Sheila Jackson Lee).

Anyways, we can talk about this on Saturday if it is even necessary.

Kinky ’14?

Kinky Friedman, who was the quintessential Texas Jewboy before I was the quintessential Texas Jewboyis thinking about yet another run for Governor. Third time’s a charm. Now, I supported Kinky in ’06, and before Bill White entered the fray in 2010, I temporarily supported Friedman. I suppose that, if no one else except a few soft Republicans enter the Democratic primary, I could see myself supporting Kinky Friedman yet again.

Now, now, I know what people say about him. “He’s a racist. He’s a misogynist. He’s homophobic,” yada yada yada. For the record, Friedman supported gay marriage in 2005, back when the Democratic Party was still nominating homophobic bigots for major office. Further, people need to realize that Kinky Friedman is a comedian by trade, who sometimes used shock humor in the past. Of course he said some horrible things in the past, and they were wrong, but I have always maintained that actions speak louder than words, and Friedman’s actions are indicative of a strong Democratic candidate. If you want a candidate who genuinely supports gay rights, and not just because it is popular right now, if you want a candidate who will take a strong stance against the death penalty, and if you want a candidate who is unequivocally supportive of the legislation of cannabis, then Friedman might be your guy.

My Democratic intelligentsia friends will lambaste me over how “Kinky Friedman isn’t a candidate who can win,” but is any Democrat in 2014? I’m sorry to say, but the answer is simply no. At least a nominee of Friedman would finally put Texas Democrats on the map. Say what you want, Texas Democrats could do a lot worse…

Ben Hall has a website

Ben Hall has a website (see below), but, at this point, it is just a shell.


He also has a Twitter and Facebook page. His facebook page, [<http://www.facebook.com/Benhallformayor>%5D, has, as of this moment, 357 likes. His twitter page, [<http://twitter.com/benhallforall>%5D, meanwhile, only has about 42 followers. For the record, Annise Parker has 56,000 Facebook likes and 15,000 Twitter followers.

Perry and Battleground Texas

I’m back in the tundra, for both of y’all who are wondering. There is a big hype, all over the internets and the blogosphere (as President Bush would have called it) about this new organization called “Battleground Texas.” The catchphrase, last I remember, was for the State to be purple by 2016 and  blue shortly thereafter.

Recently, Governor Perry ridiculed the project as being “a pipe dream,” and stating that UT would change their colors to maroon before Texas changes its to purple, or–god forbid–blue. For what it’s worth, I think a reliably blue Texas is a bit of a pipe dream, and I have had it up to here about all these people living in the Austin bubble just assuming that it will happen because of demographics. I know that I’m a cynic, but I have always maintained the position that one should never underestimate the cunning of the GOP to lie, cheat and steal their way to victory, and one should especially never underestimate the sheer ineptitude of Democrats.

Before going all the way to la-la land where Democrats control TX like MA, we should be focusing on finding a competent gubernatorial candidate. My suggestion (actually Kuff’s) is Cecile Richards, but the fellas down at BOR don’t seem to be listening…