Empty seats

It’s a slow day in the news, so I am going to talk about something that really isn’t current or even especially relevant. In next year’s statewide GOP primaries, we have a plethora of politicians running for a minuscule number of positions. Worst case scenario, we have Abbott & Perry vying for Governor, and Dewhurst, Staples, Patterson & Combs running for Lieutenant Governor. That leaves Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Comptroller as empty seats.

Now, it seems that, if our Governor isn’t talking out of his butt again, Abbott will not run for Governor, but that could very easily mean he would run for Lieutenant Governor. Either way, we are (most likely) looking at 4 open positions. Only one of those offices, Land Commissioner, has seen any movement among prospective candidates (George P. Bush).

That leaves the question: who is running for all these seats? I’m not going to pontificate over this, making predictions, because (as my friends keep reminding me), they are usually wrong.

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