Chronicle endorses Alvarado

The editorial is out! The Chronicle has (surprisingly, in my opinion) decided to jump into this race and pick a candidate. Yesterday, the endorsement went to Carol Alvarado.

The Chronicle praised Alvarado for not being quite as confrontational with Republicans. This may have the unintended consequence of driving the left-wing voters to Garcia’s cause.  But anyways, there isn’t much to talk about.



Who is running for Governor, again?

Who is running for Governor, again?

I meant to write this a few days ago. Anyways, BOR had this obnoxious little piece about the gubernatorial candidates. The piece mentioned six gubernatorial candidates (three being defied “on deck” and three as “long shots”). Mike Villarreal (a San Antonio State Rep), Kirk Watson (a Austin State Senator) and Bill White are the ones who are “on deck,” as BOR puts it. Rafael Anchia (a Dallas State Rep), Wendy Davis and Julian Castro are the ones who are less-likely, I suppose. I have a few comments on this.

First, I cannot say that I am surprised that the Austinites have to throw a bone to one of their own. I really like Sen. Watson, for the record, and think he would make a good statewide candidate, but I cannot find any other site which validates this little factoid. However, I seem to remember a very-similar rumour in 2010, which turned out to be completely, totally and utterly false.

Second, I really would not call Bill White “on-deck” for a gubernatorial run, or really anything in politics. Again, I don’t know where they’re getting this info, but even the adults in Houston political blogging haven’t been talking about this. Even if there is some movement about White’s candidacy, I would not venture to call his odds in an echelon above Sen Watson or Mayor Castro.

Finally, most perplexing in my opinion, is how completely different these names are from the ones I’ve been hearing of recent in other blogs. Kuff has been talking about Cecile Richards, Henry Cisneros and Rodney Ellis, and BOR did not even touch upon it. I find this a little perplexing. I’ve had problems with BOR’s reliability in the past, and I generally will trust fellow Houstonians first and foremost, but that’s just me.

Okay, goodnight. Soaking up everything that is Houston right now, leave for Austin on Friday.


Kubosh et al is in

My plane lands in Houston tomorrow morning, I’ll be there for six days, and then Austin for two more.

Anyways, Michael Kubosh was on the steps of City Hall, announcing his intentions for Councilmember Noriega’s term-limited seat. I haven’t seen Michael since I interned at the Criminal Courthouse, but he is quite an interesting guy, so I expect this race to be a lot of fun.

According to the Chronicle article, Kubosh was flanked by prominent Republicans, including Chris Daniels and Allen Fletcher, as well as many leaders in the African-American community, James Nash and Quannell X. In short, if he ran for Mayor, he could very well expose all of Parker’s weaknesses at once–but more on that later. The article named a lot of names, including Chris Carmona, an attorney who ran against Noriega in 2011. Carmona will seek the seat again, and already has a website here. The GOP has claimed the guy, for the record.

The article also mentioned a few names for District A, District D and District I that I have not seen before. 5 to be exact. First, there is a woman named Assata-Nicole Richards, who is the Vice-Chairwoman of the Houston Housing Authority Board. Then, there is Georgia Provost and Keith Caldwell. I have never heard of these people, but I do not think that they have run for office before. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Richards is a Democrat (how many Housing board people are tea baggers?). A curosry search of Provost will show that she does some fundraising with TSU, specifically with El Franco Lee. Further, she likes a lot of Democratic officeholders on her facebook page, so I’ll label her a as well. Finally, Caldwell has this weird dead link with the HCDP, so it is probably safe to assume he is a Democrat as well.

In District I, Ben Mendez is mentioned. Mendez has a website. A quick search on the TX Trib will show that Mr Mendez has run for office twice before, both times in HD145. He ran in the 1998 Democratic Primary, when Diane Davila retired, ultimately losing to Rick Noriega. Further, he ran in the 1992 Democratic Primary for the seat, when Davila was first nominated.

Ronald Hale will be running for District A. Still ambiguous on this guy’s leanings, but he sounds like a Republican. Big Jolly has confirmed, too, that Mike Knox is a Republican.

I will update the election tab page, but this election season sounds like fun.

UPDATE: It’s MICHAEL. MICHAEL Kubosh, as Kuff so publicly point out. I read the Chronicle article, and then wrote this, pretty quickly on my phone right before I got on an airplane, so I am sure there are a few grammatical errors herein.

Ronald Green; Cohen to run for re-election

I don’t think this comes as much of a surprise to anyone, but I got an email about the City Controller’s upcoming re-election fundraiser. I guess that solves that.

Green had been in the news, for some…well, less than admirable  reasons, recently. Don Sumners, the now-former Tax Man, is still rumored to challenge him in November.

For what it it’s worth, his website hasn’t been updated yet.

UPDATE: I got a very similar email from Ellen Cohen about a fundraising event. “Join Ellen as she kicks off the 2013 season,” it reads.

2/10 tidbits

I’ve been shoveling snow straight for pretty much the last two days, so forgive my absence from the computer. I believe Boston received exactly 25 inches of snow. Anyways, a few things have happened over the weekend. Keeping in touch with some precedent, I will not be writing much on this things, just acknowledging them, so I may be able to keep up with the news starting this week. I’ll be in Houston from the 16th to 23rd, but that is probably just irrelevant.

First, Helena Brown said something dumb. I know, I know, what a surprise. Anyways, she thinks that ordinances that crack down on people who sell stolen precious metals to pawn shops somehow violate our liberty. I don’t even.

Next, there is a date on the SD06 runoff: March 2nd. This will prove to be the REAL contest, and I, for one, cannot wait.

Finally, a few people made it official on their campaigns over the weekend, including Brenda Stardig and Amy Peck, both for District A. I have linked their websites to the “2013/2014 Elections” tab.

In re Nemo

I apologize for the recent lack of activity, I am hunkered-down at my brother’s house to ride out this blizzard. The electricity is most likely going out, so I would like to conserve my battery-life.

See you sunday!

Empty seats

It’s a slow day in the news, so I am going to talk about something that really isn’t current or even especially relevant. In next year’s statewide GOP primaries, we have a plethora of politicians running for a minuscule number of positions. Worst case scenario, we have Abbott & Perry vying for Governor, and Dewhurst, Staples, Patterson & Combs running for Lieutenant Governor. That leaves Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Comptroller as empty seats.

Now, it seems that, if our Governor isn’t talking out of his butt again, Abbott will not run for Governor, but that could very easily mean he would run for Lieutenant Governor. Either way, we are (most likely) looking at 4 open positions. Only one of those offices, Land Commissioner, has seen any movement among prospective candidates (George P. Bush).

That leaves the question: who is running for all these seats? I’m not going to pontificate over this, making predictions, because (as my friends keep reminding me), they are usually wrong.