Texting Ban, take two

Former House Speaker Tom Craddick has once again introduced a bill to ban texting-while-driving. I have some complicated views on the Texting ban, but if I were in the legislature, and it was the ban or nothing, I would be supportive.

Anyways, this proposal seems to be DOA because of Governor Perry almost certain to veto it. Now, this didn’t make sense to me, because vetoes may be overridden, so I did some research. In 2011, the Texas House voted 124-16 to ban texting while driving, and then the Texas Senate voted 28-3. But then, I found that, in accepting the Senate version, the House voted only 80-61. I don’t understand the huge swing. Anyways, it seems that the greatest obstacle towards passing the ban is the lack of time. The bill was sent to the Governor on May 31st, right as the regular session ended. About two weeks later, Perry vetoed it. I’m not sure, but the Legislature might have had to restart the entire process to move the bill forward in the Special Session.

Anyways, it is certainly possible to override Perry’s veto, so as long as movement on the bill occurs early enough in the session.

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