Holy cow, he’s actually serious

Last time I wrote about this, I got linked by the TPB round-up, so I better do a job this time.

Anyways, Kinky Friedman is actually really serious about running for Governor. The Statesman is reporting his really serious, a good respite from the joke-cracking Friedman of 2006. Friedman prides himself as the Democrat who could win, calling out the other candidates as ones “only Texas Democrats would vote for,” as well as saying that a candidate such as Mayor Castro would  be “steamrolled” in the general. Ouch.

Friedman would run on two big platform ideas, legalizing gaming and ganja. He said he could be a “transitional candidate” who could “flip the state early.” Friedman also noted, as I did in my first article on this topic, his support for gay marriage a long time ago, back when gay issues could not even find a home in the national Democratic Party.

Finally, he said he will make a final decision at some point between early April and early May. As I have before, I would not hesitate to support him if another legitimate candidate jumped into the mix (even one who would evidently get “steamrolled,” like Julian Castro).

2 thoughts on “Holy cow, he’s actually serious

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