Texting ban advances

The Texting while driving ban has passed Committee in both one houses of the legislature.

First, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that the House Transportation Committee has voted on Craddick’s bill, advancing it 6-1 (not sure what the roll call is). Second, the Chron, fresh off the press, is reporting that the Senate Communications Committee voted to advance a similar bill 9-0. The Senate Bill, SB28, which was introduced by Laredo Democrat Judith Zaffrini, seems to be just about identical to Craddick’s bill. If I’m not mistaken, both hold that the texting violation is a secondary violation.

I’m not quite an expert on the State legislature, so I would like to know what would have to happen for the Legislature to be able to override Perry’s veto? Last year, they had the votes, but they passed it so late that the Governor could pocket veto. I know that, until a certain point, you need a supermajority to move legislation, meaning it might not pass either House of the Legislature any time soon.

UPDATE: The Chronicle was being stupid. It insinuated that the Texas Senate had passed the bill, but evidently, they recently updated the page to clarify it was the Florida Senate. Why this has in the local section of the paper, I do not know. Sorry for the confusion.

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