Abbott’s disturbing new ad

The Attorney General has released some sort of advertisement, pictured above, which evidently insinuates that the State of Texas should teach the bible in the classroom. For our constitutionally challenged friend’s part, I would like to remind the Attorney General that the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in 1963 in Abington School District v. Schempp that doing that would be an illegal violation of the Constitution.

Okay, so I said a few months ago that if Abbott were to run against Perry, I would support Abbott as the lesser of two evils. I take it back. It deeply disturbs me that the man who is supposedly the State’s chief Constitutional adviser does not actually understand the constitution. For the record, I know for a fact that General Abbott is not that stupid, so he is obviously grandstanding to the extreme right in anticipation of his campaign next year. That probably disturbs me even more, that he would be willing to support something that is so obviously wrong in order to win. I had thought more of General Abbott, but I guess I was wrong (I usually am).

Also, the cherry on top of the epic sundae of ignorance is that the ad is grammatically incorrect. It should be “neither of which is,” not “are.”

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