Plurality of Texans support gay marriage, wait

Kuff has linked a poll from an organization called Equality Texas which has some surprising results. It claims that 52% of Texans support recognizing out-of-state gay marriages, and a plurality of 47.9% to 47.5% of Texans support full marriage equality for same sex couples. What?

Four months ago, Pew put that number at 35%. Two months ago, PPP had the same number. Considering that both Pew and PPP are quite reputable polling houses, whereas I have never heard of Equality Texas’ polling operation, I’m ready to disregard their poll as irrelevant as a Gallup or Rasmussen. I examined the polling numbers, and found that Equality Texas probably overestimated urban concentration. For example, with a population of 1.25 Million, the Austin MSA represents roughly 4.8% of the state pop. However, it represented over 6% of those polled. The Houston MSA, with a population of roughly 6.08 Million, represents 23% of the population, but saw 25% of those polled. The Metroplex represents 24.5% of the State, but saw 28% of those polled. This is just a theory, I could (probably) be wrong.

Anyways, take the poll with a grain of salt.

5 thoughts on “Plurality of Texans support gay marriage, wait

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