Rick Perry actually does have an opponent

Contrary to public belief, even though it looks like General Abbott will not be challenging Governor Perry in the GOP primary, he will not be unopposed.

Larry “SECEDE” Kilgore, a perennial candidate who advocates, among other scary positions, the secession of Texas from the union. He has a website, here. Kilgore has run against Perry in the GOP primary before in 2010 and 2006, and he has also run in the GOP primary for the Senate in 2008. Rarely does he ever do any better than a few percentage points.

Kilgore also makes Rick Santorum look like a pinko liberal, in comparison. Kilgore believes, after leaving the United States (and presumably winning the war of liberation), Texas should become a theocracy based on Christian law. According to a profile from the Chronicle, he holds some, well, medieval views.  He believes that all forms of murder (including, in his opinion, any abortion including most forms of birth control) should carry a mandatory death sentence, to occur immediately (essentially, hang you outside the courthouse). He believes adultery should be punished by death. He literally believes in eye-for-an-eye punishment for other crimes, as well.

Kilgore believes that severe flogging should also be a standard punishment, specifically for cursing or being a transvestite. Oh, and public schools should be closed down. He also, according to his Wikipedia page, believes that Abraham Lincoln is worse than Hitler.

So, there you go. Abbott might not run against Perry in 2014, and heck, not a single Democrat might not run either. But you still have Kilgore. If you reallyreallyreallyreally don’t want to vote for Perry, you can always support the fascist.

4 thoughts on “Rick Perry actually does have an opponent

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