Gay sorta-marriage in Houston!

Yesterday, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on W. Alabama, the church affiliated with the school I went to for Junior High School, observed a milestone. The Chronicle reports that the church officiated male couples and female couples in same-sex “ceremonies” (it would have been an actual marriage ceremony if the bigoted Legislators and voters of this state hadn’t approved Amendment 2 all those years back). These ceremonies blessed the couples with the full weight and endorsement of the Episcopal Church.

Episcopalians, along with Quakers, Unitarians and Jews (minus the minuscule Orthodox population) support same sex marriage with the full backing of their religious bodies. Thus, when Republicans and soft Republicans say that gay marriage is against all religions and violates their religious liberty, they’re lying. It’s just against their small-minded reactionary views. If your religion tells you that your number one moral priority is to deny too people who love each other the right to be happy, specifically in a secular and civil affair, then you’re doing religion wrong. But that’s my little high-horse rant of the day.

Evidently, St. Stephen’s missed out on the title of the first such ceremony in Texas to another Episcopal Church in Austin, which held their ceremony last month. I could have sworn that a Synagogue in Dallas had done a same sex blessing a few years back, but I might have been mistaken.  If certain polling is right, the day may come sooner rather than later in which these blessings will be full marriages.

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