Pauken to run for Governor

Tom Pauken, the former Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, and the former Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, will be running for Governor next year, presumably against Rick Perry. I don’t think his political view really differ that much, one way or another, from the Governor. He has an old website here, which may get a makeover in the upcoming weeks, and may just be discarded in favor of something like ‘paukenfortexas” or what not.

Anyways, Rene Oliveira was injured in a car crash a few days ago, as well. She is expected to make a full recovery. In other State news, Senator Patrick’s big voucher bill had its big hearing recently, where Patrick got quite emotional. Senator Davis also voted against the recent bipartisan budget, citing how little it does for education.

The Trib and Kuff have more. I have a plane to catch–Houston, here I come!

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