Revamping of Graduation Requirements

A few weeks ago, I talked about how there were a few bills that would revamp graduation requirements, including eliminating the need for students to take Algebra II in order to graduate. Well, this is a few days old, but the Texas House recently passed (nearly unanimously) that proposal.

The bill passed, HB5, would reduce end-of-year standardized testing, which is good. It would also reduce the number of science and math classes taken in order to graduate. However, like I mentioned earlier, it would create a remedial path to graduation that many students would be placed into. This would include making Geometry the top math level required for graduation (what I completed in the 9th grade). There would also create a “distinguished diploma,” which would essentially be the same diploma everyone gets right now. It would be college preparatory track, and only be undergoing this track would one be considered for the “top 10% (top 8%) rule.”

Mark Strama, an Austin Representative, attempted to amend the bill by making the distinguished option the default one, and force any individual wishing to graduate in the vocational track to opt-out of the collegiate path. This proposal was defeated, mostly along partisan lines.

The Dallas Morning News has more.

2 thoughts on “Revamping of Graduation Requirements

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