Davis to run for re-election

From the Fort Worth Star-Tribune, Wendy Davis WILL NOT be running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor or anything else besides re-election to the State Senate. This had been expected (her Facebook page had something along those lines in January), but now it is pretty final. This  brings up two points. First, about Davis herself, and second, about the Texas Democrats and 2014 in general.

First, Davis will be vulnerable in 2014, and I was one of the many people actively rooting for her to draw the longer straw, and only face election concurrent with a presidential contest. Davis only won by 3% last year, meaning she has very little room for loss in a year unfavorable for Democrats, which 2014 will be if previous midterm elections are any precedent. The upside for a campaign is that she has great name recognition, and is a formidable politician. Also, perhaps people will actually show up to vote in 2014 (unlike 2010), but a man can dream.

Second, the loss of Davis, coming after the loss of Castro, represents the dwindling number of good Democrats to run for statewide offices next year. Kinky Friedman and Mike Villarreal are the only people actually talking about running. Unfortunately for the TDP, there are (I think) 12 other statewide positions that need filling. I’m reminded again of what the San Antonio Express-News said about the Democrats & 2014: “For Texas Democrats, the 2014 gubernatorial race looks much like last season did for the Houston Astros. They know they’re obligated to show up, but they’d just as soon skip ahead a few years until the picture gets a bit rosier.”

2 thoughts on “Davis to run for re-election

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