Gene Green on gay rights

I have, in the past, vented about my disdain towards some of Congressman Gene Green’s more conservative views. I like to think that I offered Congressman Green an ultimatum: drag his social issues into the 21st century or face a Bloomberg-funded primary challenger. Since I wrote that a little over a week ago, the main issue that everyone has been talking about has been gay marriage* (*-I don’t use terms like “same-sex marriage” or “marriage equality” all that often, because I have a philosophical problem with euphemisms), with the Supreme Court taking up a pair of recent cases last Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. In recent days, a plethora of Democrats have come out of the bigotry closet to endorse gay marriage. These include historically conservative Democrats that I have had some problems with in the past, including Claire McCaskill, Kay Hagan, Bob Casey, etc. I figured that this would be a good chance for Congressman Green to redeem himself, by repudiating the outdated views he has on gay marriage.

For the record, those “outdated views” include not only a personal opposition to gay marriage, but a vigorous support for the Defense of Marriage Act. The Chron stated that Green voted to uphold DOMA in 2011, but I, for the life of me, cannot actually find the roll call vote. The same Chron article goes on to say that the Congressman is not changing his position any time soon on either personal support of gay marriage or his support of the Defense of Marriage Act. For comparison, President Obama’s big bad gay rights position was believing that DOMA was unconstitutional while still personally opposing the implementation of gay marriage. That position was wrong, but Green’s is far worse.

I again plead for a good liberal to start making noise about challenging Green in the primary. Either to defeat him, or, at the very least, to move him back a little towards the left on social issues. I am not, by any means, a purist Democrat, and I usually am not an especially big advocate of primarying moderate-to-conservative Democrats. However, there are just some social values that you MUST accept to be an officeholder nowadays in the Democratic Party, and one of them is equality. It’s 2013, for Pete’s sake. Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, and Rob Portman support gay marriage. All I’m asking for is a Houston Democrat.

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