Beyond terrible, beyond awful



A few months ago, I talked about the Texans, specifically about how, as the weeks went on and they kept winning games, more and more people started commenting on my clothing. Now, as the Astros are 1-5, I have seen quite an opposite reaction forming. Since baseball isn’t once a week on a Sunday, I don’t actually go into town to watch all, or any, of the games.

When I was home last week, the plan was originally to bring an Astros hat back up north and wear it all the time. However, given how hipsters have turned wearing the gear of extremely bad sports teams into some sort of humorous, ironic statement, I figured no one would actually figure out that I was from Houston.

For what it’s worth, I’m also a bit of a Yankees fan, but given that I live in Boston, I am not going to publicly express it–that is far more dangerous than being a Democrat in Texas. Even though I don’t wear hats or jerseys for any team in public, I still have found reactions from my fellow Bostonians.

Often time I will be streaming the Astros game on my computer while I am working in the library. For every four people who walk by, at least two laugh, and usually at least one makes some sort of snarky comment. I want to be offended at first, but then I remember that we are 1-5. So, yeah, we are that bad.

The Astros are beyond terrible, there are beyond awful. I pride myself as someone who watches an unhealthy amount of baseball, and I can only name a handful of Astros players. Maybe that is because our entire payroll makes less than Alex Rodriguez, but that’s just a theory.

The greatest irony is that, in another month, when I return to Houston, I will probably be able to come out of the Yankee’s closet. So this month 1800 miles away might be my only following the team this closely.

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