Voter suppression bill dies

The Chron is reporting that HB 2093, a bill by Patricia Harless (R-Houston) to cut the number of early voting days from 12 to 7, is dead on arrival in the State Legislature after a contentious committee hearing.

Harless claims that it is about financial resources being saved, but given that we have financial resources to give tax breaks to the owners of big yachts, I feel like that is a bunch of malarkey. Borris Miles, never a stranger to saying things bluntly, explained what this really is. “It’s about the suppression of votes,” he said. Harless quickly responded that “The trend is definitely that  people enjoy the ability to early vote. This bill is not about limiting that.” Except, Rep. Harless, it is about limiting it. It most definitely is about limiting it.

This is a good victory for the Democrats in the legislature. We needed one recently.

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