Davis on gay marriage

The Dallas Voice has a big article about my State Representative, Sarah Davis. Evidently, this past weekend, as the huge Equality Forward summit was going on in Austin, the Log Cabin Republicans were holding a meeting next door. Their keynote speaker was Representative Davis.

Davis said “It’s not the job of the government to socially engineer society,” as she sharply critiqued her contemporaries in the legislature. She talked about how she believes in limited government, and why this led her to go to odds with her party over social issues, including gay rights and contraception/abortion.

The article stated that Davis “pledged support for gay rights” in the headline, though I could never actually find something that says she explicitly endorses gay marriage. Still, just being okay with being featured prominently in the Dallas Voice is really something for a self-proclaimed Tea Party Republican.

District 134 had always been relatively liberal on these social issues. Ellen Cohen supported gay marriage back when elected Democrats supporting the issue were limited to “Gavin Newsom, Dennis Kucinich and that Governor of New Jersey who went all Brokeback Mountain with his bodyguard,” and Davis’ opponent last year, Ann Johnson, is openly gay herself. Accordingly, Davis is in good company to not be so small-minded on these social issues.

Still, Davis needs to be a little bit more specific about her views, though. She could be the Rob Portman of the State Legislature by announcing her support for gay marriage. It would be a great victory for the gay rights movement, as well as all those who strive for equality and liberty. In a very rare occurrence, I could truly state that I am very proud of my State Representative.

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