Texting ban to be voted on in House

Huzzah! The Dallas Morning News tells me, this afternoon, that the texting while driving ban will be voted upon in the State House. The Calendar Committee (<–what the heck is that?) recently moved the bill forward and out of its super-duper secret proceedings.

Anyways, the entire House of Representatives will now consider and vote on the bill on Wednesday April 17. The Morning News discusses how 100 Reps and 21 Senators need to agree on the legislation to override Governor Perry’s veto. According to them, “Word is that former House Speaker Craddick has the votes.” The Senate is a little bit more tricky, but then again, it voted 28-3 to pass a very similar ban back in 2011.

As I have said before, it probably won’t be much of a problem to get this put into law so as long as the Legislature deals with it before it goes out of session. Rick Perry’s pocket veto seemed to be the deathmark last session, so an early start to this (passing everything by the end of April) would be a good first step to avoid the embarrassment from 2011.

One thought on “Texting ban to be voted on in House

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