Pee in a cup, Governor

This makes me feel slightly better about these asinine measures against UI and TANF beneficiaries. The Chron reports that Senator Eddie Lucio (D-Brownsville)’s SB 612, which would drug test, among other public officials, the Governor and the State Legislature, held its public hearing yesterday.

Lucio did specify that this program would be paid for by the Representative themselves for their own tests, so the State will not spend any more money it does not have. The bill was left pending in committee, but the Chronicle insinuated that “no one voice major opposition.”

This is a great publicity stunt, and it is a good way to turn the tables onto the GOP. I am actually really curious how the Governor will do on his test. I mean seriously, he has to be on something, and I would like to know what.

2 thoughts on “Pee in a cup, Governor

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