Voting legislation

Yesterday, the Chron reported that a pair of bills, HB 313 and SB 315, were being discussed in committee. The two bills would allow for individuals to register to vote on the internet. Under the House bill, which was introduced by Mark Strama (D-Austin), individuals would need their Social Security #, DL # and DL Audit #.

The Chronicle article claims that the Senate bill, which was introduced by Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio), was passed out of committee, but I can’t find any independent proof to that effect.

In other news, Gene Wu’s HB 3081 was getting some press as well. The Chron writes about this bill, which recently received a hearing in committee. Wu’s bill would allow people who move less than 30 days before an election to vote in their old precincts.

The Secretary of State’s office also announced support for a similar one of Wu’s bills, HB 2601. That bill would expand the time in which one could cast a “limited ballot” in your new home. Current statutes only allow for this to happen during early voting, but 2601 would expand it to election day.

It looks like all of this was left in committee.

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