In re West

In response to some of the people who have contacted me in regard to the recent disaster in West, Texas and/or my lack of writing about it. First, I did post obligatory condolence messages on Texpatriate’s Twitter, as well as on my personal Facebook. I would like to second what Charles said about it this morning: donate blood or donate money to the Red Cross. 

However, the fact that some of my readers felt it odd that I did not post an article about the tragedy last night, or as it was developing, brings up what truly concerns me. I am not a journalist, this is not a source for first-hand news. This is where I link other peoples’ news sources, usually a few hours after it hits the press, and interpret the news into layman’s terms and discuss a little how it might affect people. Just as often I will simply editorialize things and discuss my own personal ramblings, opinions and biases. If you want to follow an issue of breaking news, especially non-political news, like what happened last night, watch Television or look up the website of newspapers. They are [theoretically] full in their coverage and neutral. I am openly biased and incomplete. You’ve been warned.

Once again, my deepest sympathies to all those affected by the recent tragedy in West. Both of my homes have been horribly afflicted in the past three days.

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