Senate votes to increase Tanning Bed age minimum


Proud of my Senator

In 2009, I wasn’t really following what the State Legislature was doing. However, I remember a few laws that really stuck out. Mainly, that garbage about taking a test at the DPS before receiving a license (I missed the cutoff for being grandfathered into the old system by 2 weeks!). However, one of the other ones I remember was a bill that set a “minimum age” to tanning booths at 16 1/2. At the time I was 15, as were most of my female contemporaries. Upon the law taking effect on September 1st, some of them were utterly horrified to learn they would not be allowed to use a tanning bed for another year. Personally, I agreed with the legislature. Tanning beds are horrible for one’s health, being a prime cause of skin cancer in young women.

Accordingly, I was happy to read an article in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times which informed me that the Senate had voted to raise that minimum age to 18. I was even happier to see the legislation was pushed by none other than Joan Huffman, the Senator of my district. The Senate approved the legislation 26-5, with all 12 Democrats joining the Republican leadership and the Tea Party opposing.

4 thoughts on “Senate votes to increase Tanning Bed age minimum

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