A wolf wearing another wolf’s clothing

The Dallas Morning News had a really interesting article this morning about the guns on campus bill. Essentially, good ole obstructionism from none other than good ole John Whitmire (the Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee) has made sure this bill is DOA in Whitmire’s committee (still not sure why a Democrat has his own committee, probably has something to do with the fact he’s the dean).

So, since the GOP can’t do this bill, they will do the next best thing, which is still awful. Glenn Hegar wants to allow students with CHLs to be allowed to carry all the firepower and ammunition they want in their cars on campus. Well, at least I know that it is only the students rich enough to have their car on campus who will be the ones killing people after getting drunk/being broken up with.

Whitmire thinks this will be getting out his committee alive, so we may have to deal with the possibility of this being law. Personally, I find this no better than the original bill, because it doesn’t take all that much effort to run to your car into order to fetch a firearm. The idea of guns on a college campus is stupid for the same reason guns in a bar is stupid: otherwise responsible, law-abiding individuals can lose their better judgment, not just because of alcohol and drugs, but because of all of the changes and stress going through a not fully-formed mind during college.

2 thoughts on “A wolf wearing another wolf’s clothing

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