Expanded Medicaid, Texas style

The Trib has a pretty good article about the recent “Texas Solution” to Medicaid expansion. Essentially, the House Appropriations Committee recently voted 15-9 to expand Medicaid, specifically requesting a block grant to so .

I have no idea what the exact roll call was on the vote. There are 27 members of the Appropriations Committee, of which 18 are Republicans and 9 are Democrats (if I counted right). The Tribune article insinuated that it was just the Tea Party Republicans who opposed the measure.

John Zerwas (R-Fort Bend County) authored the bill to expand Medicaid in clear opposition to both Speaker Straus and Governor Perry. The Tribune article explains what the program would do pretty well. Simply put, it’s would be boon to some private sector parts, and may include a completely separate program. At the end of the day, however, it is going to have a pretty similar effect: reduced healthcare costs up to 133% of the poverty line.

As much as this may not have been my top choice on Medicaid Expansion, I think it will be the best liberals can get.

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