Ben Hall: Tax cheat?

KHOU has it exclusively, at this point.

The TV station reports that non-incumbent candidate for Mayor, Ben Hall, hasn’t been paying his taxes on time. KHOU reports that he has paid at least $130,000.00 in late fees, and does not even speculate how much he still owes. The late taxes are mostly property taxes on the many properties Hall owns (he is quite wealthy), ironic, says KHOU, because of his recent infatuation with how much the Mayor’s office should do with education.

Perhaps worse, Hall seems nonchalant about shirking his responsibility both to uphold his civic obligation and to obey the law. “I pay [my taxes] late, but I always pay them,” Hall says, as if that absolves him of all of the political consequences about this. When pressed about why he is always late, his response was simply, with a smile, “It’s just my way of dealing with it. I don’t have any good explanation, any good reason.”

As Bob Stein, mentions, this is the first time we are hearing of Hall since he announced. All press is not good press, in this case, it is very, very bad press.

Darn. As I have indicated in some of my previous posts, I really do like Dr Hall. I probably would have supported him in an open election, but I could just never get past the “running against an incumbent without a reason” factor. I was thinking of 2015 for Dr Hall, but this just might be a deal-breaker. The Chronicle, nor Off the Kuff have picked up the story yet, but I will have more when they do.

UPDATE: Off the Kuff has more, including intel that suggests the Parker campaign was behind this. Whoa. This is something that I would have expected from the candidate who employed Wayne Dolcefino. But it is nice to know Parker is willing to play dirty–though still honest (this allegation isn’t a bunch of poppycock, unlike some in the past). Looks like this will be an exciting race.

8 thoughts on “Ben Hall: Tax cheat?

  1. Just saw the story this morning. Working on something for tomorrow. I largely agree with your take.

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