Guns on Campus ‘officially’ passes the House

The Houston Chronicle mentions that the third reading has occurred on HB972, the “Guns on Campus” bill. For updated info about exactly what the bill does, see what I said yesterday. The bill has officially passed the House and has been sent to the Senate. The final vote for 102-41. I’m not going to delineate every cross-party voter, but I would like to mention a few of the notable Democrats who voted in favor.

Craig Eiland and Hubert Vo stuck out as the two high-profile Democrats to support this measure. Eiland makes sense, he represents an ostensibly conservative district and didn’t win by all that many votes last year, but Vo represents deep blue. He won with over 60% last year. Now, I am certainly not one for hanging every Democrat out to dry who disagrees with me, but on an issue of such importance, it would have been nice for enough Democrats to vote against this such that a supermajority would have been prevented. This is a pretty far-right position to take, judging by the fact that Texas hasn’t enacted this yet. In fact, only FIVE states allow this.

In other news, the Trib reports the House voting today, 85-53, to equalize regulations imposed on both big and small tobacco companies. However, in what thoroughly surprises me, the legislation increases regulations and fees paid by small companies, rather than decreasing those paid by large ones. I don’t hold much pity for excessive regulations being paid by cigarette companies, big or small, so I could really care less about this. I suppose that it raises extra revenue, which could hypothetically fund education.

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