The end of inspection stickers

The Statesman has a very interesting article about something that will affect most everyone in the State. A bill that was passed unanimously by the Senate, right under my radar. It would eliminate the need for “inspection stickers” on cars, instead merging them into registration stickers. The net effect of this would be reducing the number of stickers on the leftward part of your windshield you have to worry about replacing every once in a while.

The article indicates that that one inspection would still probably occur once a year. However, it would be both a registration and an inspection, thus fulfilling the two tasks simultaneously. Senator Royce West (D-Dallas), the bill’s sponsor, maintains that this action is take both to reduce fraud and save money.

The inspection methods were changed too, for some. All diesel vehicles would be required to pass an emissions test. This would be a big breakthrough for smoggy, dirty Texas, and it is certainly welcome.

This bill, SB1350, now goes to the House, where its fate is much more uncertain.


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