Drug Testing for Perry et al

Earlier this session, the Senate passed a pair of bills to drug test Welfare, as well as Unemployment Insurance. A few weeks ago, I talked at length about a bill, by Senator Lucio, to force the Governor, other executive officers, as well as members of both houses of the State Legislature to undergo similar drug tests.

Under the bill, officeholders would not face sanctions or otherwise any penalties for failure. I suppose it would be a public scandal, though. Now, the Tribune has reported that the bill, SB612, has been passed out of committee in the Senate. The State Affairs committee, to be exact. The Journal hasn’t updated the roll call yet, but I will post it as soon as it is available.

As I said last month on this issue, “This is a great publicity stunt, and it is a good way to turn the tables onto the GOP. I am actually really curious how the Governor will do on his test. I mean seriously, he has to be on something, and I would like to know what.”

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