Dick for Mayor

I was driving along the East Freeway a few days ago (don’t ask me what I was doing over there–I don’t remember), and I saw a sign that said “Eric Dick for Mayor.” When I had safely stopped my car, I immediately took out my phone and googled the phrase. Evidently, the signs had been going up starting 2011, so I didn’t think much of it.

Then, Kuff reprinted the idea. “[It] just got real, y’all,” he said. So I decided to check out the good lawyer’s Facebook page to see if there was any truth to the matter. It’s facebook legit, as the kids says; Dick is running for Mayor. If you like odd stock photos of horseshoes, then “www.ericdickformayor.com/” is more your website than if you, say, were expecting a political website. Dick’s Facebook page did, however, have something along the lines of an announcement:

For too long Houston has been under the control big government liberals that want to tax and spend and take away our freedoms. The current mayor is no exception. Mayor Parker has increased taxes, created new fees, and even criminalized some religious practices. We must stand up to this tyrant. Because I can no longer sit and watch her ruin this city, for my family and friends I run for mayor. Let’s make history and elect a Republican mayor.

Republican and proud,
Eric Dick

Yikes. The last candidate for Mayor who was that open about being a part of the GOP (Roy Morales) received a fifth of the vote. I get the feeling that Dick is not actually running to win, but is going more for a campaign of raising awareness. The “criminalizing religious practices” Dick talks of is, of course, the criminalized homeless food sharing thing. I happen to agree with him on that point, as do many on the left in this city, but I do not believe they will come flocking for Dick just because of that issue alone.

The person who stands the lose the most out of this new arrangement in the Mayoral election is Ben Hall. While before, Hall had the opportunity to unite African-Americans and Republicans, he has lost many of the latter category to Dick. This looks like a repeat of the 2003 arrangement, except that a decade later the demographics of the city are far more friendly to Democrats.

I do not think this will cause a runoff, because I cannot imagine anyone who was previously supporting Parker now switching to Dick. These are all previous Hall supporters, albeit perhaps not the most zealous. The Mayor is in just as strong a position today as she was last week.

Off the Kuff and Brains & Eggs have more.

One thought on “Dick for Mayor

  1. Don’t be surprised if you may be wrong. I think a Parker – Dick runoff is quite a possibility considering three major candidates. I was big supporter of Parker four years ago and begin to have doubts two years ago. My vote is not going to her this time. She does have issues and they are not working for this city. I lean to the left most of the time but Hall is no better than Parker. This candidate is young, energetic, young family and out to prove something. Quite appealing. This is just what Houston needs to pull it out of it financial condition.This guy has an LLM in Tax. I did some research, he is real. I think he is really running for the job and speaking the truth. I really like his caption Refocus Houston. That’s really the truth. This city needs to get refocused. Looks like he tamed it down just a little on ericdickformayor.com. I checked Halls website. He must have spent over $5k just on the sent up. Looked at Dicks website. Basic and to the point. He does need to put some more information but I am sure it is coming. Hall will probably spend a couple million just trying to get the office. My bet is that Republican is going to be very cost effective. We will see. Should be a fun election just hope the city comes out on top. We do need a change.

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