Guns-on-Campus dead, for now

John Whitmire today announced that Guns-on-Campus, HB972, is dead–for now. The Chron reports that the Senate Dean reported that the 2 Democrats needed to support the legislation in order to bring it to the floor were not there.

This is a sharp aboutface from what Whitmire was saying last week, when the measure passed his Committee. At that time, Whitmire warned that if the less-severe Senate version did not pass, the more Conservative House version would be brought up during special session. From what I understand, nothing has changed, so I do not quite understand why Whitmire is so recalcitrant again.

My money is still on this thing passing, I generally do not trust what Senator Whitmire says, mostly because it changes by the week.

One thought on “Guns-on-Campus dead, for now

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