Drug Testing turns into a pumpkin

Well, some of it anyways. The Texas Tribune reports that, very late Tuesday night, the Texas House voted to pass SB21, which mandates drug testing for unemployment insurance applicants, whilst letting the clock run out on SB11, which mandates drug testing for welfare.

The journal states that SB21 passed 104-42, with most all of the Democrats voting against the legislation. That is far better than the Senators could say, where these pieces of legislation were approved nearly unanimously.

SB11, meanwhile, had been vigorously pushed late in the evening, but when the clock struck 12, the legislation, along with many others, simply turned into a pumpkin, to borrow a metaphor from a Disney movie.  I am almost a little bit disappointed, because while the bill was being debated, Amendment 4 by J.M. Lozano (D-Kleberg) had been adopted. It would have, among other things, forced Rick Perry to pee into a cup.

One thought on “Drug Testing turns into a pumpkin

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