In re School Marshals

A few weeks ago, the Texas House voted by rather large margins to allow rural school districts without their own police forces to designate employees as “School Marshals,” allowed to bring their concealed weapons into schools. On Wednesday, the Texas Tribune reported that that bill, HB1009 (proposed by Jason Villalba [R-Dallas]), had also passed the Senate without amendment and is on Rick Perry’s desk.

The bill, which passed 28-3 (journal not available now), would have those rural school districts without their own police forces (so it is 100% irrelevant to Houston) choose an employee to undergo 80 hours of training. In comparison, a CHL requires just 8 hours. This rigorous evaluation would include sanity and other mental health evaluations. Only at that time would the employee become a deputized School Marshal authorized to bring deadly weapons to a school.

Living up in Massachusetts has given me to opportunity to meet some remedial individuals on the left who actually believe the world would be a better place if nobody had a gun. I have a problem with that. What I do not have a problem with, certainly, is well-trained, sane individuals having guns to protect the general population. Education and regulations are certainly good ways to prevent mass tragedies, but sometimes, deadly force is the only way to stop an ongoing one.

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