Equal Pay in Texas

The Texas Tribune reports that, on Wednesday evening, Senfronia Thompson’s “Equal Pay for Equal Work” bill passed the Senate 17-14 (the Journal STILL isn’t up). HB 950 would, according to the Tribune article, “make Texas law mirror protections of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.” The measure passed the House last month after a very contentious debate.

Two–you guessed it–male Republican Senators added amendments that slightly watered down the measure. Robert Deuell (Hunt County) tacked on a page that clarifies this equality only applies to wages, and not other compensation. Robert Duncan (Lubbock County) made sure no lawsuits about unequal pay could be made retroactively–before the measure hypothetically would take effect on September 1.

These amendments mean the act must now return to the House of Representatives, where there is still a chance of defeat. Additionally, the threat looms very large of a veto from the Governor. With time running out, that would be an automatic pocket veto, and therefore death sentence, for the legislation.

The Tribune reported that Texas would be the 43rd State to have such a law. Way to catch up into the 20th century, Texas.

4 thoughts on “Equal Pay in Texas

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